The Opportunity

There is a huge disruptive change in Information Technology, influencing every industry, and every company size.

Despite the abundance of opportunities very few companies know exactly how to monetise it!

Having traditional infrastructure and applications in place are no longer a guarantee of having the competitive edge.

The vast majority of companies have not made any plans or concepts around the followings:

– How mobility and cloud based applications are changing the buyers expectations and the competitive marketplace
– How the collection of data and managing in BigData applications could give the company the needed intelligence to be ahead of the curve
– How social networks and personal mobility have changed the company culture and how to leverage those changes

There are trends under the surface about the changing role of sales, marketing, customer relationships, operations, finance, and production.

Every company is affected, no exception, period!

Every organization should understand and have a concept about how these changes affect them, including their customers, vendors, and their markets.

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